Drag - Cat's Eyes

from the forthcoming album Treasure House (2016)

The things we do when we're together
If they ever knew
They would keep us apart

Aah, a song about a secret lover.  Actually, it is a song about an abusive relationship.  Uuh.

Cat's Eyes have a sound that I totally dig.  The duo of indie rocker Farris Badwan and classical soprano-composer Rachel Zeffira create a dazzling vibe that evokes the great girl bands of the Wall of Sound era while delivering a crisp, modern sheen.  The music is so good that I like to listen to them with my studio headphones on to maximize definition and clarity.

The intro to the song Drag is full of richly textured strings and piano set to drum rolls.  The song then kicks into a Phil Spector soundscape.  From there, it sways back and forth between the two.  The result is beautiful and catchy.

This song will hook you.  You will find it nearly impossible not to singing along.

Click Here to watch the official music video to Drag.