Fill In The Blank - Car Seat Headrest

from the album Teen Denial (2016)

In the garage music scene, very few of the "do it yourself indie bands" actually are.  Car Seat Headrest is an exception.

The band name comes from founder Will Toledo recording the vocals for his first record in the backseat of his car in order to have privacy.  That spirit, coupled with excellent song-writing chops and an appealing jangle in his tunes, has led him to his first big-time label release (and possibly one of the best albums of the year).

Although the music is always original, the bands I am reminded of when listening to Car Seat Headrest are The Replacements and The Modern Lovers (fine company).

The new album leads of with a song titled Fill In The Blank.  Dig the lyrics:

I'm so sick of FILL IN THE BLANK
Accomplish more.  Accomplish nothing
If I were split in two, I would just clinch my fist
So I could beat up the rest of me

The clever thing is that these lyrics are presented as:

I'm so sick of __________________
Accomplish ____________.  Accomplish ____________
If I were _____________ I would just ______________
So I could ______________________

What a great way to write a tune.

If you ever tried starting a band with a bunch of your mates, check these guys out.

Click Here to listen to Fill In The Blank.


  1. Theresa. I am very glad you enjoyed this song. I kinda figured you would. You should check out some of their other tunes, particularly Drunk Drivers / Killer Whales. Sometimes the songs have a little bit of Ray Davies to them. How can you top that?


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