First World Problem - Unknown Mortal Orchestra

from the single First World Problem (2016)

Ruban Neilson is a master of creating magnificent vibes. Once based in New Zealand as a member of The Mint Chicks, the group created the 2009 album - Screens -an unsung pop masterpiece.

After departing the band and moving back to his hometown of Portland, Oregon he started messing around in his home studio and the resulting tapes caught the attention of various record companies.  Unknown Mortal Orchestra was the result.

Evolving into a full band, they continued to lay down incredible vibes.  The first song that caught my ear was 2013's So Good At Being In Trouble.  It remains a staple of my late night sultry mix to this day.

Their new song - First World Problem - is the latest in a line of wonderful tunes.  The opening horns followed by delicate orchestration set a diversionary tone.  But if you listen closely, a funky guitar lurks below ready to strike.  And when the jam kicks in that guitar comes to life.

This is a laid back kind of funk.  A little bit Beck, with a dash of Prince.  Enjoy.

Click Here to listen to First World Problem.

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