French African Queen - Gregory Porter

from the album Take Me To The Alley (2016)

When I think of music lovers - say fifty years from now - listening back to the tunes of our time, I like to think that they will choose the absolute best artists regardless of their popularity today.  Should this wish come true, one of those artists will be Gregory Porter.

There is no male jazz vocalist today who can match the talent and technique of Gregory Porter.  His orotund voice has the ability to both soar above kinetic, free-form cacophony and give you goose-bumps when delivering a ballad.  The latter is the case on his new album's title track, a song that would make Pope Francis sob.

But for me, it is the uptempo stuff that offers the biggest turn on.  That is why I dig the French African Queen.  The blaring horns and crescendo of the piano over hard-plucked upright bass and exquisite drumming create a chaotic backdrop for a full-throated performance by a master.

Click Here to listen to my favorite Gregory Porter track, 1960 What?  I will post the song French African Queen once an online version is available.

Click Here to listen to the record's title track, Take Me To The Alley.