Nautilus - Anna Meredith

from the album Varmints (2016)

Anna Meredith is an avant-garde musical artist best known for her work in electronica and avant-pop. However, to classify her this way does a disservice to her extraordinary musical and songwriting talents.

Anna Meredith is also a classically trained composer, having produced works for the BBC's Scottish Symphony Orchestra.  Her ability to add these elements to her keenly original compositions creates a world of opportunity and wonder.

Her latest album - Varmints - opens with a classical composition titled Nautilus.  Listen to this song and remember that this is the opening of an avant-garde pop record.  It is refreshing and potent in possibilities.

The world needs more artists like Anna Meredith to push the boundaries and create new possibilities in our musical lexicon.  Hats off to Anna !!!

Click Here to watch the official video to Nautilus.