One Vicious Disco - A Love Electric

from the album Psychmonde (2016)

A Love Electric consists of three jazz musicians:  Aaron Cruz, Hernan Hecht, and Todd Clouser.  They hail from Mexico, Argentina, and the United States, respectively.  Their music relies heavily on the groove, making it both accessible and contagious for the listener.

I really dig their song One Vicious Disco.  The drum beat has a laid-back marching cadence.  The keyboards are filled with rich tones and rhythms.  The sublime bass groove drives the song.  All of this splendid instrumentation is topped with an infectious, mantra-like melody line.  Great stuff.

The record is mixed by the Meridian Brothers, a Columbian group that creates wonderfully eclectic soundscapes.

This record is a must for your party mix.

Click Here to listen to One Vicious Disco (Meridian Brothers mix).