Soul Almighty - Bulby York

from the album Epic & Ting (2016)

Spending a few days in Brixton, checking out bands and generally laying low.  This is one of my favorite spots, a place where starting a band and finding a venue to showcase is a way of life.  When you exit the tube and hit the street, you are around the corner from Electric Avenue (of Eddie Grant fame).  Reggae, Dub, AfroBeat, and Ska abound here.

As serendipity has it, the new Bulby York release coincides with my arrival.  For those not familiar with this Jamaican producer and DJ, the roster of talent he has worked with is breathtaking.  Jimmy Cliff, Madonna, Chaka Khan, Rhianna, Sly & Robbie.  The list goes on...

The new record is the ultimate party mix, featuring reggae greats past and present.  I dig the closing track, Soul Almighty, which features the legendary Lee "Scratch" Perry and relative newcomer Jesse Royal.  It is a feel-good reggae jam at its best.  Perfect for bopping around with a Red Stripe.

Click Here to listen to Soul Almighty.