Tom Waits For No Man - Ol' Hickory

from the album Scarecrow (2016)

Around two years ago, I first saw Ol' Hickory play at a pig roast in the high mountains west of Denver.  I started off at a distance, anxious to see if they would measure up to the hype.  I had heard much of the songwriting abilities of their frontman, Scooter James, and raves about the rhythm section of Rusty Byrd and Cody Hull.  I already knew that their lead guitarist, Jack Yoder, was a monster.

As the songs unfurled, I fell into the hard twang of their Outlaw Country vibe.  It rocked in a way that was both familiar and original, with a driving uptempo energy.  By the time they got to "It Ain't Friday Night (If You Got To Work Saturday Morning)", I was popping PBRs like a fiend and pacing around the yard.  These guys are great.

This past Sunday, their debut album hit the digital streets.  It is an amazing record.  Simple, honest, and true; the way music ought to be.

My favorite track is Tom Waits For No Man.  It is a well-written song with great visual imagery of a scarecrow on a barstool.  The lyrics hit home to any day-drinker, including memorable lines like:

I'm confused
I wish you would all shut up
I said, "I'm ain't no dummy
I just need to sober up"

Cowboy Envy bassist Dee Dee Vogt once said "I will go see Jack Yoder play anywhere.  His guitar leads are songs within a song.  His voicing and tone makes good songs great."  Take a listen to his three solos on Tom Waits For No Man and you will hear exactly what she is talking about.

Do yourself a favor.  Buy this record, get your head on, and crank it as you speed down a country road.  Few things are better.

Click Here to watch Ol' Hickory perform Tom Waits For No Man live.