Armenia City In The Sky - Bun E. Carlos

from the album Greetings From Bunezuela! (2016)

The 1967 record The Who Sell Out was their first concept album - filled with faux commercials and cheeky public service announcements - that is most noted for the classic song I Can See For Miles.  As a teenager, I never quite knew what to make of this recording and largely dismissed it.  However, I now find it to be magnificently exultant psychedelia and the pinnacle of the band's "modness."

The lead track on the record was called Armenia City In The Sky, written by the band's friend Speedy Keen.  The song even features Speedy trading goals with Roger Daltrey.  I have always digged this song.

Another person who digged it was Cheap Trick drummer Bun E. Carlos, who in a recent interview said: "I was always a big Who fan when I was a kid, and, in fact, I helped get Keith Moon's drums out of the cases in 1968 when they played Chicago when I was in high school.  I drove to the gig, snuck in with a roadie."  In fact, he later comments that his band at the time used to cover Armenia City In The Sky.

Fast-forward to yesterday, and this Rock 'n Roll Hall of Famer releases his first solo album that includes this forgotten classic.  This version has bounce and energy, featuring Wilco's John Stiratt.  Check out the overdriven guitars and harmonies.

Click Here to listen to Bun E. Carlos cover of Armenia City In The Sky.

Click Here to listen to The Who's original version.


  1. Close your eyes and imagine…. Truly the stuff of real art, with the exception of Pablo Picasso “ I paint what I see”, but I digress, in that city in one’s mind has been the genesis for all great art.

    And looking into how Armenia in itself, at one time was almost only a city in the sky, from abject genocide. I just wonder if the nation of Bunezuela, is actually the Bonovarian free republic of Bunezuela?


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