Boys Don't Cry - Suspense Heroes Syndicate

from the album Big Shot (2016)

Once upon a time, I spent a month in Moscow on business.  At the urging of my workmates, I made a trip to The Hungry Duck, a reportedly lively bar conveniently located adjacent to a major Metro Station.

As my fortunes would have it, my first visit was on ladies night where "ladies" drank free.  Walking into the club was like nothing I had ever experienced.  James Brown songs were filling the room through an incredible sound system.  I actually had to survey the joint to make sure JB was not in the building.

Beautiful girls danced atop the long circular bar with the bartenders continually handing them vodka drinks that were quickly slammed.  As I walked around the bar, it became abundantly clear that many of the girls forgot to put on their underwear.  Oh my.  For years afterwards, my view of almost any situation was "I'd rather be at The Duck."

Suspense Heroes Syndicate are a ska band from Moscow whose music captures the rowdy hooliganism of those hedonistic nights.  You hear it in the aggressiveness of the horns and the boisterous backing vocals.  This is music for your next wild party.

The song I am digging is their cover of The Cure's Boy's Don't Cry.  My favorite part are the horns, but the beat, the backing vocals, and the overall reverie make this tune infectious.

Click Here to listen to Suspense Heroes Syndicate cover Boys Don't Cry.


  1. Flip Wilson had a famous expression “The Devil made me do it!” and Imagine my surprise to read about the temptation of a bar where the girls forget their underwear, and to be referred to a site to hear their music only to be noted as visitor 666. Hey the Devil made me do it, and the tunes were good, and there is never a down side to a room filled with frisky women. Thank-You-God!


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