Dorothy - Kevin Morby

from the album Singing Saw (2016)

Later today, I will be catching my nephew as he graduates college, leaves the dorms, and gets his first apartment.  Kind of makes you want to crank some rock ' roll.

Moments like these demand fuzzed-out, clanky, electric guitar.  Overdriven bass helps.  So does a busy drum beat and some jangling country piano. Add a bit of feedback, occasional trumpet, and an awesome groove.  Now you're talking.

The song needs to be about a girl.  It needs to be about their journey together.  It needs to be a love letter without the mushy crap.

Dorothy by Kevin Morby is all these things and more.  It is a reminiscent look back at a couple's rambling ride through life.  Dig the lyrics:

And I would pretend you were new
Like I was just introduced to you
And all the music in my ears
Sounds beautiful down here
And I could hear that drummer roll
As I listened to that choir cry
And I could hear the guitar weeping
I could feel those pipers pipe
And all the beauty I couldn't see
Well it just cut me at my knees

Life is a raw, beautiful thing.  Fill it with passion and love.  Never be too hard on people, get a good set of speakers, and steer clear of the bad stuff (that always comes at you in slow motion).

Click Here to listen to Dorothy.