If I Were A Folkstar - The Avalanches

from the album Wildflower (2016)

A couple of weeks ago, a group of us were boating on a lake.  High in the sky, about 60-100 yards ahead, a bird circled.  From its silhouette, I knew it was an eagle.  A few moments later it was in an arced descent, stopping just short of the water, splaying its talons, and flying off with a large bass.  Best yet, it was a bald eagle.

A few days later, I shared the story with my funky friend, JB.  He saw it from the fish's perspective.  You live your life, do all the right things, grow towards your potential, and POW, something higher up the food chain comes along and obliterates you for its own benefit.  Law of the jungle.

Well, yesterday I was the bass.  After receiving the unwelcome call, I went outside to sit and ponder.    As if on cue, the birds that circled above me were vultures.  Seriously.

That evening, the skies grew wicked and black, trees swayed, and a wrath of god storm bore down hard.  By morning, the storm had cleared and I surveyed the damage with my trusted canines.  Thriving trees had fallen like dominos.

Now as I sit, contemplating my next act, along comes a song called If I Were A Folkstar by The Avalanches, a legendary Australian electronic ensemble.  It is not a folksong, but rather a fresh soundscape that is happy and new.  Full of promise for a brighter tomorrow, reminding me that rebirth is part of nature's rhythm.

Click Here to listen to If I Was A Folkstar.


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  2. There is always a song and a metaphor for every moment in life.


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