No Woman - Whitney

from the album Light Upon The Lake (2016)

Whitney really takes a chance in vying for my affection.  Their music evokes 70s bands like America, Ozark Mountain Daredevils, The Byrds, and Bob Welch.  In a more subliminal way, they evoke classic 60s Pop and Soul vibes.  I typically find it hard to take a modern band playing such classic tones and vibes credible.

One thing going for them is that their singer is Julien Ehrlich of the Unknown Mortal Orchestra, whose song So Good At Being In Trouble captures a 60s soul vibe like no other song of this decade.  Another thing is that the record's producer Jonothan Rado - of Foxygen and solo efforts - is likewise a master of retro tones and vibes.  With these two guys involved, it is worth a shot.

I listen to the album in its entirety, dismissive at first, followed by apprehensive, then accepting, and finally grooving.  The second listen was a regular party.

The opening track on this record is No Woman.

It is simple and free.  The California Highway vibe in full effect.  You can almost feel the breeze and smell the sea.  You can almost imagine yourself burnt in the late-afternoon sunshine with a stiff drink in your hand.  Take me there.

Click Here to watch the official video to No Woman.