Satan Pulls The Strings - The Avett Brothers

from the album True Sadness (2016)

I have always digged The Avett Brothers for offering a prettier, more thoughtful form of alternative country that centered on family, love, and togetherness.

What I dig about their latest song - Satan Pulls The Strings - is its menacing chaos and structured confusion in a song whose central mantra is:

My heart is in the puppet box
And Satan pulls the strings

The vocals here are a bit roughed up.  The hard plucked strings and angry drum beat are atypical.  This is a different type of Avett Brothers song.

Raw, dark, and chaotic music certainly suits these times.  Part of the Avett charm is that they have zigged while the world zagged.  For this song, they take a chance on zagging that pays off.

Hats off to the risk takers !!!

Click Here to listen to Satan Pulls The Strings.