Wristband - Paul Simon

from the album Stranger To Stranger (2016)

I do not know which is more amazing, that it has been 52 years since Simon and Garfunkel released The Sound Of Silence, or that it has been 30 years since Paul Simon released Graceland.  Can You Can Call Me Al really be 30 years old?

Hats off to Paul Simon !!!  At 74, this master songwriter is still going strong.  His new album, Stranger To Stranger, is a remarkable work.  The songwriting, the sense of rhythm, and especially the sly wit to the lyrics are all impeccable.  The album even closes with a beautiful ode to NYC - New York Is My Home - where the lead vocals are given to Dion, allowing one to appreciate the mastery of Paul Simon's backing vocals.  Check that song out.

But the song I am digging is Wristband.  A great bass line laid down over african beats create the foundation for swirling lyrics.

Wristband, my man
You've got to have a wristband
If you don't have a wristband
You don't get through the door

From this launching pad, stories and visual images abound.  This is a lesson in great songwriting.

And check out the background horns at the close of the song.  They make me smile.

Click Here to listen to Wristband.


  1. Just saw him at New Orleans Jazz Fest.


    1. Wow. I bet that was great. Paul Simon is the deal. For over 50 years, everything he releases has quality and integrity. Not many folks can say that.


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