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Nothing More To Say - The Frightnrs

from the forthcoming album Nothing More To Say (2016) Brooklyn-based Daptone Records is one the most vital indie labels in the world today.  Their ability to unearth mature artists and raise them to global prominence is staggering.  The common threads are that all of their music is well-written, well-performed, and well-produced.  The latter is particularly differentiating.  All Daptone records have an unmistakable sheen.  This is special. For this blog, Daptone has provided a perpetual spring of great new music.  Over the past four years, Daptone artists that I have blogged about include Charles Bradley, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, Antibalas, The Budos Band, and The Sugarman 3.  What a line-up !!! Add to that list The Frightnrs, a reggae band from the borough of Queens that play in a classic rocksteady style.  The title track from their forthcoming album - Nothing More To Say - is a throwback masterpiece.  Timeless and flawless, impeccably produced by Victor Axelrod.  Yo

Black Man In A White World - Michael Kiwanuka

from the album Love & Hate (2016) Where have you been, Michael Kiwanuka? Back when I started this blog in 2012, I exulted in coming across you and introducing my friends to your music.  As I said in that early blog post, " I look forward towards following (your) career.  (You) may be that needle in the haystack. "  At the end of that year, I named your tune  Rest as "The Song I Digged Most In 2012." For the past four years I have waited in vain for your next release.  The world needs your music.  The world needs your voice. Thank you for your new record.  It is the best music I have heard - well - since your last record. We live in an increasingly troubled world where voices that shout the loudest drown out many of the voices that need to be heard.  Voices that offer perspective rather than anger.  This is particularly true in music.  When I ask myself "What would Marvin Gaye say?", "What would Curtis Mayfield say?", "What wo

White Lies - Georgia Mulligan

from the EP Our Blood To Part (2016) Work Hard Play Hard Eat Right Don't worry about those little white lies So goes the chorus to White Lies , a delightful ditty from Sydney, Australia's Georgia Mulligan. I dig the simple jangle of the chords, the dull thud of the snare, and the overall vibe of Ms. Mulligan's vocals.  How I would love to be sitting in some small bar in Sydney listening to her play this song.  I need to move there... Click Here to listen to White Lies .

Birthday Suit - Republican Hair

from the EP I Don't Care (2106) Here is some happy encouragement to get naked.  Woo-Hoo. Click Here to listen to Birthday Suit.

My Carz - Snoop Dogg

from the album Coolaid (2016) I have had a soft spot in heart for Snoop Dogg ever since the Gin & Juice days. On his new record, I dig the song My Carz .  On top of it being a Snoop tune, it samples the Gary Numan classic Cars .  It seems odd that it took someone this long to sample this incredible song. Click Here to listen to My Carz by Snoop Dogg.