My Carz - Snoop Dogg

from the album Coolaid (2016)

I have had a soft spot in heart for Snoop Dogg ever since the Gin & Juice days.

On his new record, I dig the song My Carz.  On top of it being a Snoop tune, it samples the Gary Numan classic Cars.  It seems odd that it took someone this long to sample this incredible song.

Click Here to listen to My Carz by Snoop Dogg.


  1. The dogg and them carz are just gonna make you mad ‘ cause them bitches is bad! This threw me into a hip hop audio fest that was just enjoyable.

    But Snoop gave a cool ride to Kobe Bryant for his retirement from the NBA. Friends.
    - Sorry the Yellow/Purple an iconed picture would not port to this blog window (this makes for an opportunity to scrub the chops)
    But finally giving the props to Gary Numan for is art is just wonderful.

  2. Probably one of my biggest let downs this year was when Snoop's show got canceled due to rain at NOLA Jazz Fest. It was followed by news the next day that he played an impromptu show with a local DJ at a hotel near where we were staying. Oh, to have been at that club that night. My only consolation is that I did get to live out my dream of dancing with a group of frenzied lesbians to FloRida's "Low" at one of the most energetic shows I have ever been to.

    He was no Snoop though...:(.

    This song is great!!

    1. Thanks Theresa !!!

      The visual of you singing "welcome to my house" with a gaggle of lesbians is priceless.

      I hope all is well.


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