Baby Be Mine - Coco O.

from the single Baby Be Mine (2016)

Coco O. is a Danish singer currently based in Los Angeles.  She is best known for being part of the duo Quadron, where she is paired with Robin Hannibal of Rhye.

With Baby Be Mine, she takes on the mighty task of covering a Michael Jackson song from Thriller.  This takes quite a set of ... lungs.  Covering Michael is no easy task.

I dig the downtempo vibe and the purity of the vocals.  Michael Jackson sang with sincerity and innocence.  I always believed that this is what drove his ability to connect with people so deeply through his music.  Coco O. has captured some of that here.  When sings "Hold me.  Only you and I can make sweet love this way," my mind is taken to a special place.

This is a good choice for your late night slow jam mix.

Click Here to listen to Baby Be Mine on SoundCloud.

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