Big Cat - Wild Beasts

from the album Boy King (2016)

One of the pitfalls of our current Do It Yourself music culture is the lack of attention paid by many to post-production.

This was brought to my attention recently when one of my funky friends was playing an 80's dance mix.  As I listened to bands like Erasure, Bronski Beat, and Pet Shop Boys, I was captivated by the quality of the production.  The music sounded "complete" and sounded like a "finished product."  The production contained a certain "sheen" to it that could be associated with quality.

It saddened me to realize that so many people neglect this in their record making.

My spirits were lifted when I heard the song Big Cat by Wild Beasts.  Aside from being an excellent song with excellent performances, this record has taken the time in post-production to craft a finished product.  Bravo.

Please take a listen to this tune and let me know if you hear what I am talking about.  It is a little intangible, but I hope you can hear it.

Click Here to watch the official video for Big Cat.


  1. This album is so great version. I had bought it rightly when I knew it.


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