Could Be You - Allah-Las

from the album Calico Review (2016)

As I suspect every writer encounters the first time they dash off a piece about the band Allah-Las, I was faced with the dilemma of whether or not to mention that its members founded this group while working at Amoeba Records in Los Angeles.

The mention of this feels almost obligatory considering Amoeba's legendary status of the world's largest independent record store.  But who ever wants to write about the obligatory?  Yuck.

However, this time I do because it reminds me of a story in Willem de Kooning's biography.  In it, the 22 year-old artist stows away on a boat from his native Netherlands, arriving in Virginia in the summer of 1927.

As if by divine providence, he moves north to Hoboken, then across the river to mid-town Manhattan and finally to Greenwich Village, where he meets Jackson Pollack, Franz Klein, Mark Rothko and others to create Abstract Expressionism and form the New York school of art.

Whether consciously or unconsciously, great artists are ultimately drawn to communities of like-minded fellow artists.  In these places they flourish and make our world a better place.  Perhaps this is what happened with the Allah-Las?  Perhaps we all need to find that special community where we can flourish?  Sounds lovely, huh?

I dig the song Could Be You for its rambling vibe that evokes Bob Dylan and hints at The Velvet Underground.  What a fantastic sound !!!  Every tone achieves subtle perfection.

I particularly enjoy the background vocals.  How fun would it be to join them in the vocal booth singing ooh ooh ooh?

Click Here to watch the official video for Could Be You.