Davy Gets The Girl - The Minus 5

from the album Of Monkees And Men (2016)

If not for the ever keen attention of The Minus 5's frontman - Scott McCaughey - an important pop culture anniversary might have gone unnoticed:  The 50th Anniversary of The Monkees !!!

Instead, we celebrate this momentous occasion by reveling in a cheeky collection of original songs paying tribute to Michael, Davy, Peter, and Mickey - television's original rock band !!!

And as any Monkee's fan knows:

Davy gets the girl
Davy gets the girl
Davy always gets the girl

What they might not know is that Gene Roddenberry created the Star Trek character Chekov as an attempt to emulate the wildly popular Davy Jones.

This song will leave you singing its chorus endlessly.  It will also send you in search of Daydream Believer, I'm A Believer, and Last Train To Clarksville.

But do yourself a favor and check out the other tunes on this record.  You will find tracks like Michael Nesmith and Blue Rickenbacker only add to your groovy mood.  (Note that the latter song - and others on "side b" - are not Monkees inspired.  Instead this is an ode to a guitar that Scott McCaughey once had a relationship with)

Click Here to listen to Davy Gets The Girl.

Click Here to listen to Michael Nesmith.

Click Here to listen to Blue Rickenbacker.