Drowning Here With All My Friends - Infinity Crush

from the album Warmth Equation (2016)

Lately, I have had multiple friends talk to me about the dramatic rise in suicide rates across the United States.  They tell me that these rate are at their highest in over thirty years and that the fastest growing group are men between the ages of 45-64, which is increasing at a rate exceeding 50%.

My inner existentialist can't help but wonder if they are concerned for my well being or their own.  It could go either way...

This has resulted in my taking notice of the song Drowning Here With All My Friends by Infinity Crush, the brainchild of Maryland's Caroline White.

There is a line in this song that can't seem to escape my mind: "We tell each other that we are pretty until the day we die."  Thank goodness we do.  In this crazy messed up world, these tiny positive affirmations might be all that keep us from passing the razor around?

Where would we be without our friends?  Our collective bond brings us purpose and meaning.

And where would we be without beautiful artists like Caroline White?  If we are all gonna drown together, at least we get to do it with thoughtful, original, magnificently-crafted music.

Click Here to listen to Drowning Here With All My Friends by Infinity Crush.