Feeling Bad - Tom Lockett

from the single Feeling Bad (2016)

Much hubbub is made by those espousing the greatness of psychedelic rock.  However, many of us forget that this was largely an offshoot of psychedelic folk.

Travel back to 1965, to the arrival of Donovan in Scotland, of Jefferson Airplane in San Francisco.

Think of the vibe.  Think of those tones.  It is the sound of a moment in time.

Well with his debut solo single, Feeling Bad, former Electroshock Therapy frontman Tom Lockett has captured that sound with eerie preciseness.  Just take a listen and you will swear this is a 50 year old record.

Tom Lockett reportedly describes his music as "The Great Depression on acid."  His music is released on Magic Cactus Records.  How can't it be groovy?

Click Here to listen to Feeling Bad on Bandcamp.