Finder - Moderat

from the album III (2016)

Berlin tops my list of cities I would like to visit for the first time.  Aside from its history and architecture, I want to walk its streets.  I want to feel its vibe.

I picture myself sitting at a trendy bar in a boutique hotel.  The bar has a DJ in-residence who spins electronica that I have never heard before.  Each song takes me further down the wormhole.  I am consumed by the groove.  I am lost in the beat.  The cocktails take full effect.  Ich bin ein geist.

Moderat is a Berlin band I would expect to hear in this bar.  Their song Finder - with its staccato keyboard track and subliminal groove - would be part of my trip.  Wanna come?

Click Here to listen to Finder by Moderat.