Happy (Freestyle) - Squeegie O

from the single Happy (Freestyle) (2016)

I love what the democratization of music creation has done for my friends and family.

People I love in DEN, ATL, and NYC are all recording and releasing great music as we speak.  They are independent.  They are artists.  They are beautiful.

The fact that they live in cities allows them to more easily find other like minded people to collaborate with.  Together they find synergies that take them higher.  I dig that.

My cousin is a rapper on Staten Island.  Through him, my eyes and ears are open to the art of his community.  It makes me richer.

One of his contemporaries - Squeegie O - released his latest track yesterday.  Happy (Freestyle) leverages The Custodian of Records remix of Mary J. Blige's Be Happy as a foundation for his message:

Fake friends, false prophets, and broken promises
Can make a person feel nothing is worth accomplishing

Those are some great lyrics that would never have reached my ears in the past.

These are splendid days...

Click Here to listen to Happy (Freestyle) by Squeegie O.