Lichterschmaus - Pantha Du Prince

from the album The Triad (2016)

My Uncle Frank is an accomplished painter whose art appears in NYC gallery shows.  When I was noodling on painting many years ago, he offered some advise: "Don't try to paint in a style.  Paint as exactly as you can and your style will emerge."

Although I never became an artist, that advise continues to help me in my varied endeavors to this day.

Fast forward to May 2016 and the release of Pantha du Prince's album The Triad.  In Pitchfork's review of the album, contributor Nathan Reese opened with a captivating passage:

"Techno is often dismissed as clinical music, engineered for precision impact.  But an irony of the genre - that Hendrik Weber, who records as Pantha du Prince, deeply understands, is that, though technical by definition, techno is most satisfying when you can feel the human inside the machine."

This resulted in my rushing to my local record store and buying the CD.  For the past 10 weeks, I have listened to it endlessly, searching for the human inside the machine.  It takes a while, but now I can hear it in songs like Lichterschmaus, one of the more upbeat tracks on the German composer's album.

I now look and listen for the human inside all sorts of machines.  Its always there, and finding it helps you get in deeper touch with your own humanity.

It also makes me think of my Uncle Frank.  It is no coincidence that the soul of an artist can understand the implications of the tomorrow's technology.

Click Here to listen to Pantha du Prince perform portions of The Triad at The Boiler Room in Berlin.

Click Here to listen to a sample of Lichterschmaus.