State Trooper - Son Little

from the single State Trooper (2016)

What is the best Bruce Springsteen album?

What is your favorite Bruce Springsteen album?

Are they the same album?

So, for me, I would answer that the best Springsteen album is Born To Run.  Aside from all the classic songs, I credit the greatness of the album to the individual performances of the E Street Band members, in particular Clarence Clemons and Roy Bittan.  When I listen to the two of them on Meeting Across The River and Jungleland, my jaw drops every time.  Bruce's vocal on Backstreets also gives me chills.

But my favorite album is Nebraska (although on some days I might answer Darkness On The Edge Of Town).  The power of the stark vibe, coupled with the songwriting and lo-fi production, create a brutal intimacy that changed my view of what a "great record" really is.  I believe it also inspired the other brutally intimate record I dig, American Recordings by Johnny Cash.

These things are on my mind because of a cover of State Trooper by Philadelphia R&B artist, Son Little.  I have sung this song on many a night riding home from the neon lights and pool tables.  I have also spent too many hours sitting in my living room learning the opening riff and trying to match its fat tone.

Son Little's version is pretty cool.  It starts with the expected opening riff, and stays fairly true to the original, adding variations in the vocals and with a second electric guitar.  I wish he would cover the entire album...

Click Here to listen to Son Little's cover of State Trooper.