Thunderlove - Igbo

from the single Thunderlove (2016)

Once upon a time, in the basement of a middle-class house, in a middle-class neighborhood, in a middle-class suburban town, three boys wrote a song called Thunder Lover.   They thought it was their ticket to fame and fortune.  Their ticket to a destiny yet to be fulfilled.

As they sit in their cubicles, reading this blog, I hope they think about the brotherhood created by making music with their closest friends.  I hope they think about how playing music in that basement helped unlock their inner groove in a way that only music can.  I hope they think about how much richer they were then - and are today - because of that undying dream that was born in a song called Thunder Lover.

Today, I celebrate those boys with the song Thunderlove by the band Igbo.  Igbo hails from Brooklyn, NYC - home of the most diverse and important independent music in the world today.  Their eclectic dance vibe is organic and fun.  Their energy makes me want to join the band.

May their wildest dreams come true...

Click Here to watch the video for Thunderlove on the Igbo website.