Whatever That Girl Wants - Tijuana Panthers

from the EP Ghost Food (2016)

Beach Goth is back !!!

When I last wrote about Tijuana Panthers, I was bicycling around Amsterdam listening to their tune Forbidden Fruit.  This time around, I am floating in a pool surrounded by awesome speakers.  Both times, I am fully acclimated.

Tijuana Panthers latest EP - Ghost Food - consist of six excellent songs.  They manage to combine elements of surf with psychedelia with great effect.  This is most evident on the song Whatever That Girl Wants.

The bass, guitar, and drums sound like they could be playing in your living room.  The trademark vocals are heightened by trippy background vocals.  The production is magnificent.

The thing I dig most about this tune is the bass playing, which serves as the foundation for the psychedelic vibe.  I can't stop listening to it.

Click Here to listen Whatever That Girl Wants.

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