Blue Boss - Sampa The Great

from the single Blue Boss (2016)

The democratization of music, made possible by technology, gives voice to those who might not otherwise be heard.

Case in point, Sampa The Great, a Zambian-born, Botswanan-raised woman now making her home in Sydney, Australia and recording for Melbourne's Wondercore Island label.  She is a poet and a singer, whose music stands at a unique intersection of hip-hop, R&B, and indie spectrums.

Her emerging body of work is certainly impressive, but for me it is all about her voice, both technically and in the message she delivers.  Lyrically, I can't stop digging her song Blue Boss.  This is the voice of a modern African woman expanding her horizons in the connected world.

The song's chorus speaks of a leaving home to make a better world, while leaving your ancestral home behind:

Mama said "Use Your Head
Cause you're stuck up in the clouds"
Well I think we fly high
Cause we stuck up in them clouds
We no longer in this world
Cause we stuck up in them clouds
All we do is blow trees
When you stuck in them clouds
Damm, see that
Damm, Freedom
Damm, Damm, Freedom, Freedom
Damm, Damm, Freedom, you see that

And the verses are even better, casting visual images of hunger, pain, shit, and blood.  One of my favorite lines from the second verse:

It's time for you to see
That this is democracy
If the rich are getting richer
Boy, how poor you gonna be
Oh, how dumb we gonna be
Freedom is a lullaby

Despite all the huger, pain, shit, and blood, we are blessed to live in a technological world where Sampa The Great's voice can be heard.

Click Here to listen to Blue Boss.