Chill Town - Hinds

from the album Leave Me Alone (2016)

I believe that the future of rock and roll lies in girl bands.

Over the past 60 years, rock and roll has provided us with just about every male persona I can think of.  But not so much with women.

So today, we celebrate Hinds, a girl band from Spain (I believe Madrid).  They play a garage sound that is fun, boisterous, and smells of alcohol.  There songs are catchy and the musicianship is fun and full of great tones.

I also dig that these girls are apparently friends with the boys in The Parrots.  This kind of reminds me of the Bananarama - Fun Boy Three relationship.

Go Madrid - Home of great new garage bands !!!

Click Here to watch the official video to Chill Town.

Click Here to watch the dual video they released with The Parrots featuring the songs All My Loving (Parrots) and Davy Crocket (Hinds).  Fun stuff.