Down Down - Coathangers

from the album Nosebleed Weekend (2016)

The Coathangers are a garage punk band from Atlanta.  They are a band of girls, rather than a girl band.

On their latest album - Nosebleed Weekend - I am digging the song Down Down.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the structure of songs and wondering if structure matters - so long as each element can stand on its own and come together in a somewhat cohesive way.  This song effectively has two distinct parts, the "verse" and the the "chorus".

The "verse" lays down a cool vibe.  I particularly like the guitar riff and the backing vocals.  The "chorus" is driven by power chords power chords that offer the perfect counterpoint to the verse.

But what is really cool is this interlude.  Could this be "bridge"?  This is a hard driving moment that makes me want to slam dance.  The coolest thing is that the tempo changes slightly during this part.

Whatever on the technical stuff.  This is a good song.

Click Here to listen to Down Down.


  1. Good to know. Speaking of live shows, you are seeing The Specials this weekend right? Thought about that with the death of Prince Buster the other day...that is too bad.


  2. The Specials show was great. It was in a sold-out venue that held 3,000. Sweltering hot. It is amazing how many great songs they have. My favorite was Nite Klub.

    1. I also loved when the audience sang along to Doesn't Make It Alright.

    2. Yea--how can you NOT bop to Nite Klub! Must've been a riot.


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