Fig In Leather - Devendra Banhart

from the album Ape In Pink Marble (2016)

It is a very funky morning in the Gigolo domicile.

I am grooving to an eclectic mix that has a very special new member, Fig In Leather by Devendra Banhart.  Give it a spin, it will brighten your day.

While you are listening, try to pick out all the diverse tones.  I dig the Japanese vibe, the disco orchestration, the Falco meet Pet Shop Boys spoken segments, that funky guitar and bass, the rhythm sticks, and the stylistic harmonies.

Time to turn up the volume and hit "repeat."

Click Here to listen to Fig In Leather.


  1. Such an awesome way to start the day. The mental picture of "fig in leather" just runs wild. Very cool.

    1. I find the visual a bit creepy. Still, it makes me smile.


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