Follow Me Home - The Mystery Lights

from the album The Mystery Lights (2016)

It has been fascinating to experience the psychedelic revival of the past few years.  What started with a relatively small number of harder-rocking bands morphing towards 70s-styled, "big arena" psychedelia has now become more a global awakening of garage bands drifting towards a mid-60s-styled psychedelia better suited for a house party or small club.  Think 13th Floor Elevators.

I did not see this coming, but am ecstatic that it is here.

I now come across great, independent, psychedelia bands every two or three days.  They come from unexpected places like Madrid, Nashville, Melbourne, Tijuana.  You name the city and there are people making great psychedelic music that is original and pure.

The Mystery Lights are one such band from Brooklyn.  This is a hard, menacing psychedelia. Their latest album features an incredible song called "Follow Me Home."  The vibe is loaded with deep guitar riffs, long sustained keyboards, punk-like call and response, and endlessly driving drums.  Also thrown in are some great, trippy solos that all have fantastic tone.

"We like it rough and raw.  Nasty.  Messed up." is how guitarist and lead singer Mike Brandon describes their approach to recording.  This approach is also perfectly suited to his molotov cocktail voice.

All things considered, The Mystery Lights stand out amongst the global collective of psychedelia bands.  Be sure to give these guys a good listen.

Click Here to listen to Follow Me Home.