For Good - Remi.

from the album Divas And Demons (2016)

Yesterday, I wrote about the African poet-songstress Sampa The Great and hollow-cost recording and streaming technology allows voices like hers to be heard by gigolos like myself.

Today, I am focused on how this democratization of music allows for collaboration between artists who may not have otherwise found each other and how the intersection of their varied styles creates new possibilities.

Case in point, the song For Good by Australian hip-hop artist Remi.  This song features Sampa The Great and introduces elements of African layering - particularly in the funky rhythm guitar - to create a freshness in the vibe.  It also adds a slightly different, non-typical feel when Sampa grows down her own rap.

This slight pull in of Remi towards African rhythms is refreshing, as is the westernness of Sampa The Great's background harmonies.

In a world with 7 Billion people, there are mind bending possibilities for diverse people come together and create something new.  I find this inspirational.

Click Here to watch the official film clip for For Good.