Healer - Resonators

from the album Imaginary People (2016)

When determining the merits of a dub/reggae song, my process is remarkably similar to that of a sound engineer in a club.

It starts with the drum kit.  The thud of the bass drum, the crack of the snare, getting the equalization right by adding some echo and reverb.  Once set, it is all about the bass.  The big, fat heavy groove that is going to carry the show.  From there you move to the rhythm guitar, making sure the accents on 2 & 4 cut through the rhythm section adding just the right counterbalance and buoyancy.

Keyboards and horns follow.  Then come the vocals.  They need to be clean and crisp, sailing above the band and lifting the listener's spirit.  Finally, it is playing with the overall tone and levels, locking in the band's "sound."

If you ever listen to a band like UB40, it is amazing how that sound is always so pure, so perfect, so unmistakably their own.  That is the mark of a great dub/reggae band.

When I listen to Resonators, all the checkmarks are there.  Their well-crafted sound is something I adore.  This is abundantly evident on the song Healer.  The vibe is smooth, the vocals melodic.  The harmonies are pristine and beautiful, the horns helping lift and the vocals to soaring heights.

And underpinning it all is a tight rhythm section and a cutting rhythm guitar.

Fine stuff.

Click Here to watch the official video to Healer.

Click Here to listen to my November 2013 blog entry for Try Again by Resonators.


  1. All I can say is my cat absolutely loved it. I was watching on my phone and he looked up, stopped purring and watched the whole thing- never seen anything like it.

    Then the next song popped up on YouTube, Surender, and that's when I STARTED purring! What a great song!

    Thanks 40 Watt! It was a great way to get Little Friday going!

    1. I dig it when the rasta-kitties pur. That Little Friday sounds like one groovy cat.

    2. His name is Yoyo- TODAY is Little Friday!! (Otherwise known as Thursday...)

      But he may have to go by that name now...I do call him Little Buddy all the time, so close enough.

      It's only 7:50 AM and I'm feeling like a rum cocktail- don't tell my HR dept.

    3. Tell them it is trendy to have an umbrella in your smoothie.


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