Heard It From A Friend - LOLO

from the album In Loving Memory Of When I Gave A Shit (2016)

There are some up and coming artists who I really pull for.  LOLA is one of those artists.

At sixteen, she left her home in Jackson, Tennessee to moved to Los Angeles, where she joined a reggae band and lived with Lisa Marie Presley.  From there, she found her way into musical theatre, followed by stints living in London and NYC.  At the end of 2014, she left NYC to return to Jackson and "hit the reset button."

She is now 29 years old and has released the glorious album In Loving Memory Of When I Gave A Shit, a record that is even better than its title.

I really dig the opening track Heard It From A Friend.  Although this is not an REO Speedwagon cover, it shares the same sentiment: hearing of a lover's betrayal through the grapevine.

The songs vibe and underlying groove conjure elements of Adele and Carol King, but its the raw honesty in how she tells her story that drives her individuality and authenticity.  From the chorus:

Heard it from a friend
Who heard it from a friend
So when you gonna tell me
You fucked me over

I also like the way she shares her story in social media.  When posting the video to this song, she writes: "You can only bury the truth for so long.  And when the truth surfaces and you're outed, what do you do?  Do you run and hide or do you own up?  When you run and hide it still exists.  And I can still write about you.  Thanks for the fuel."

Good luck with the record LOLO.  I am rooting for you.

Click Here to watch the official video for Heard It From A Friend.


  1. If you love someone, love that someone with abandon. Because, that is the only true love. Like a hyper-focus of everything that is you in the moment, for the moment, and for moments never ending.

    This is the love that speaks without words, and requires none to justify. Yes the occasional "I love you" may find and out, but it will be the attention, and the actions that become the cohesive bond uniting two souls.

    Or, you can just loose focus, fidelity, and fuck up the frailty that is the wonder of the gods - Love.

    Remember always give a shit! Your life is dependent on the connection you make.

    1. Agreed Jaba B. We all need to embrace love "with abandon," but we also need to acknowledge that a relationship is a two-way street and that a "commitment gap" can really cause harm.

      Don't fuck with somebody's heart...

    2. It is truly the friction of life that makes the world go around. And to mess with the friction is to violate, not only a relationship, but it messes with the laws of physics as balance is the goal. An imbalanced (one way or gapped) relationship will not achieve the desired result, as trying to start a fire without anything combustible.


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