La Luna - Little Jesus

from the album Río Salvaje (2016)

I recently took on a major project - writing a book - and have found that managing my environment is critical.  Regardless of whether I am researching, outlining, writing, or editing, distractions are the enemy and must be avoided at all costs.

Simple things like closing the door, turning off the phone, and staying of email are a great start, but the environment is so much more.  Sound is important element in two ways: first, it drowns out outside noise, and second, it creates a mood and tempo to facilitate productivity.

A major challenge that for me are lyrics.  I am obsessed with lyrics and their visual imagery.  I must steer clear of them.  This often leads to me playing instrumental music, from jazz to electronica to surf.  However, it also allows me to explore another category, music with non-english vocals, where the voice becomes simply another instrument to enjoy.  This opens up the spectrum to virtually any genre.

I have been digging lots of Mexican bands lately (don't tell The Donald), including Little Jesus, a Mexico City band that plays a wide range of melodic rock.

La Luna is a deep cut off their latest record.  At nearly nine and a half minutes, it provides a great opportunity to get lost in the funky guitar, tight drums, and subliminal bass groove.  The driving tempo and pulsing beat help channel me to a groovy place where my work output is optimized.  The closing chill out helps takes me down a few notches and keeps me from breaking into some kind of rapturous episode.

Jam this one out the next time you are working.

Click Here to listen to La Luna.