Sing Me Your Love Song - Sean Hayes

from the album Low Light (2016)

Many restaurants promote pairings of wine and food.  However, what if we paired music with alcohol and drugs?  Last weekend, I saw The Specials in NYC and it offered a perfect pairing of classic Ska with Red Bull & Vodka.  If you play around with this idea a bit, you can have some fun...

As summer turns to fall, my inclination to unwind with a bottle of fine red wine intensifies and tends not to subside until sometime around Kentucky Derby Day.  This protracted season is ambrosia for my aural palate.

I am particularly fond of pairing Sean Hayes with a bottle of Cote du Rhone.  The typical Southern Rhone blend of 80% grenache and 20% syrah creates a vivid fruit taste that is best enjoyed over a slower, downtempo, more-melodic vibe.  If possible, find a 2012 vintage that is aged in oak.  You will find that this brings out the expressiveness in the vocals and highlights the delightfully warm tones of the guitar's rosewood neck.

Sean Hayes' latest album - Low Light - finishes very well.  The closing track - Sing Me Your Love Song - contains hints of smoke, a misty bouquet, and a lead guitar track that blends fatty bass with acidy trebles.  Such subtle balance is the perfect way to end a quiet evening.

I know it is uncommon to pair a Sonoma County singer/songwriter with a French red, but do yourself a favor and imbibe with this titillating twosome.  I am certain you will find it most satisfying.

Click Here to listen to Sing Me Your Love Song.


  1. Paring - Funny in life that it is paring that determines many of our next steps. Parents (obvious pair), lover’s (hopefully many pairs), that friend that is just there (even when they know all of your dark secrets), and if your lucky enough you find that person that completes you as a pair. These are the big ones.

    Sometimes you would almost think that as humans, we are not unitary beings but binaries (duh, like all of nature) destined to find that allusive match. And to complement life, we search for the pair that makes each moment a fulfilling memory.

    Wine, women, and song coupled with food, atmosphere, and the right spice or music complete the pair that make life the wonder that it is.

    Thanks to the 40 Watt Gigolo for paring his love for life and music with this forum to pair it with the minds of all - making the moments memorable to those that find this blog.

    1. Thanks Jaba B for elevating the discourse. You forgot to mention the double helix of the writer and the reader. This would not be possible without folks like yourself. And - as a writer - may I say that there is nothing better than getting feedback from intelligent, thoughtful people like yourself. You rock !!!


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