St. Anne's Parade - Shovels & Rope

from the album Little Seeds (2016)

Shovels & Rope (Cary Ann Hearst and Michael Trent) are one of my favorite Americana duos.  Having seen them perform in many small venues, I get a strong sense for who they are and am confident they would make a great addition to my collection of funky friends.

I think of one night after a show at The Earl in ATL.  I was hanging out with some friends in the parking lot and watched Michael quietly load his equipment in their camper while Cary Anne sat in the passenger seat with her eyes shut.  Something about that moment captured my heart.

I also find something in their songs that rings of honesty, hard work, and faded american truths that endear them to me all the more.

On their forthcoming record - Little Seeds - I have been digging the song St. Anne's Parade.  This sweet folk tune shares many of their familiar themes of the vagabond life told with tenderness and outstanding visual imagery.  One of my favorite couplets is:

And it never feels like we're getting any older
But the memories build up around the eyes

Next time you see a camper trekking down the Interstate, give them a smile, they might represent the great american tradition of the rambling troubadour.

Click Here to watch the official video to St. Anne's Parade.