Summer's Gone - The Stargazer Lilies

from the album Door To The Sun (2016)

Happy Day After Labor Day !!!  The unofficial end of summer.

What better way to mourn the turning of the season than with Summer's Gone, an excellent shoegaze number by The Stargazer Lilies of northeastern Pennsylvania.

Spin Magazine describes their sound as a "reverb-washed slo-mo assault of Slowdive with the sparkling ambiance of Air channeled into a lush, guitar-swollen whole.  Psych-fuzz epic."  I prefer to think of it as dreamsicles for your ears rather than a psycho-babble explosion in your mouth.

Dreamsicles.  Frozen Snickers.  Fudgy-wudgy-wudgy bars.  Is this Parking Field Two or Parking Field Five?  Kismet or Atlantique?  Dune Road or Lido Boulevard?

Anyway, this song creates a lush soundscape that allows my mind to drift and recall all those wonderful summers.  I wish they could all last forever.

Click Here to watch the official video to Summer's Gone.

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