You Just Want - King Creosote

from the album Astronaut Meets Appleman (2016)

Is the three-minute pop song dead?

Was it killed by the changes is how we consume music?  When was the last time you put a dime in the jukebox?  When was the last time you really listened to the radio for something other than oldies?   Has the mainstream moved to a post-pop format?  Now what?

Mozart never wrote a three minute pop song.  Neither did John Coltrane.

Is the future of music a return to its pre-radio past?  Should I start printing t-shirts that say Fuck Marconi?  Fuck Edison?

Over this holiday weekend, I have been digging the song You Just Want by Scottish singer-songwriter King Creosote (his real name is Kenny Anderson).  After grooving on this tune for the twentieth time, I began asking questions.

Is this a song or a soundscape?  If this is a song, what is its structure?  Would this song be played on traditional (non-Internet) radio?  Where and how would I most likely consume this song?  Is the three-minute pop song dead?

I am not long on answers, but I do have a long list of things I really dig about this tune.  The natural vibrato of the Scottish accent.  The background singing.  The violins.  The way the song rolls like the sea without ever climaxing in a wave.  The lead guitar.  The keyboard track.  The subliminal groove.

What is music?  What is possible?  Can I play?

Click Here to watch the official video to You Just Want.

Click Here to listen to Favourite Girl.  This bonus track from the incredible From Scotland With Love album is the first King Creosote song I fell for and still sounds great after hundreds of listens.