Fields & Fences - Yellowcard

from the album Yellowcard (2016)

One upon a time, I was watching a televised Mets game on WOR.  The game was slow and Lindsey Nelson filled the time by asking Ralph Kiner about memorable home runs he had hit.  I was amazed at how he recalled his first home run.  He remembered everything about it, not just the pitcher and the type of pitch, but the weather, the crowd size, and even what he had for breakfast that day.

Lindsey Nelson then asked him about the final home run of his storied career.  Ralph Kiner said he did not really remember much about it.  When asked why he replied "Well, at the time, I didn't realize it was going to be my last home run."

Such is not the case with Yellowcard.  On this their tenth - and final - album, they know this is the end of their journey and that Fields & Fences is their final recorded song.

I find the lyrics to be touching with inferences of returning to Tennessee, surrounded by fields and fences to keep them safe.  And then there is my favorite passage:

I want to start living
I want to be brave
I want to find where I belong
'Cause I still remember the reasons I write
Things that I've dreamed for so long

I also dig how this mellow song kicks in for one final rocking reprise before winding down with mournful strings.  They must have enjoyed that.

Good luck, Yellowcard !!!  Thanks for all the great tunes.  May all our dreams come true.

Click Here to listen to Fields & Fences.