Got To Give It Up - Brian Culbertson

from the album Funk! (2016)

Put the goats in their pens and get funky!!!

The his Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for his album Funk!, Los Angeles-based smooth jazzer Brian Culbertson wrote, "If you love funk like I do, you know there's no other music like it.  It makes you feel good, makes you laugh, dance, sing along and pretty much get down!  I am creating a throwback, old-school funkadelic record in the style of P-Funk meets Prince."

Those lofty goals were accomplished with a fabulous record.  I've heard nothing quite like it this year.

The song I'm digging is Got To Give It Up, a cover of the classic Marvin Gaye tune.  It is all about the groove, with plenty of musical embellishments overlaid, including some incredible keyboards, guitars, and saxophone.

This album is full of great jams, for your car or you next funky dance party!

Click Here to listen to Brian Culbertson cover Marvin Gay's Got To Give It Up.