Gun Clap Hero - Hanni El Khatib

from the single Savage Times, Vol. 4 (2016)

San Francisco's Hanni El Khatib seems like a pretty cool fella.  I dig that prior to becoming a musician, he worked as a creative designer for ad agencies and street fashion labels.

I was slow to accept his early work, as the ascetic rocked a bit to hard for my liking.  However, with time, I've grown to enjoy his music and come back often.

More recently, he has begun to release a series of singles under the Savage Times banner.  Each of these records moves from harder rocking to more eclectic, with the production value increasing along the way.

His most recent single - Gun Clap Hero - is a total delight with its infectious groove, string production reminiscent of the Electric Light Orchestra, and the hook line "He did it all for the bang-bang."

This is fantastic stuff.  Can't wait to hear where it goes from here.

Click Here to listen to Gun Clap Hero.