Hate I Don't Love You - Hopetoun Brown

from the album Look So Good (2016)

Since the turn of the millennium, I have increasingly become a connoisseur of music from New Zealand and Australia.  It started for me way before that, when I first heard Split Enz, but really picked up steam after having the opportunity to live and work in Sydney for three months in 2000.

During that time, I was on a live music tear, checking out bands most every night, always thinking "they sound familiar in an odd sort of way."

Today, I spend a fair amount of time going back and trying to discover great New Zealand and Australia bands from the past that never made it to my little corner of the world.

One such band was Supergroove, a '90s Auckland band that underpinned their modern rock sensibilities with a tinge of infectious R&B.

Hopetoun Brown consists of Tim Stewart and Nick Atkinson, the two horn players from Supergroove.  20 years later, they are laying down a funky vibe that I totally dig.

 I am particularly into the tune Hate I Don't Love You, featuring Tami Neilson and Finn Scholes of the Carnivorous Plant Society.  Something about the keys and vocals.

Click Here to listen to Hate I Don't Love You.