Home I Left - Sean Hayes

from the album Low Light (2016)

Those more astute readers of this blog know that I have great appreciation for California singer-songwriter Sean Hayes.  I find his songs to be magnificently crafted and his performance to strike a nerve.  I share them whenever possible.

This morning, I stumbled across this home video of him playing the song Home I Left up in the Sonoma Mountains north of San Francisco.  Something about it keeps me watching.

This autobiographical song details his moving from North Carolina to San Francisco, at the age of 20, and then to Sonoma County to raise a family at age 40.  It is about home and family.  I dig that.

The song is also now appearing on a TV Spot for HomeGoods.

Click Here to watch the low-fi video of Sean Hayes singing Home I Left in the Sonoma Mountains.

Click Here to listen to the version of Home I Left from his latest album, Low Light.