If I Didn't Have Your Love - Leonard Cohen

from the album You Want It Darker (2016)

With the release of You Want It Darker, his splendid new album, the 82 year-old singer songwriter advised that this would be his last recording.  At first, I was profoundly sad and felt as though I had lost a part of my own soul.  Then I thought of the timelessness of some of his songs and felt magnificently uplifted.

His song Hallelujah will still be sung long after everyone now living is dead.

There is one song on this final album that has particularly grabbed me.  It is a love song titled If I Didn't Have Your Love.  After a lifetime of loving, what does a master say when he closes the book?  He is sweet.  He is pure.  And he makes a point that nothing really matters without love.

Here is the closing verse:

If the sun would lose its light
And we lived in endless night
And there was nothing left that you could feel
If the sea were sand alone
And the flowers made of stone
And noone that you hurt could ever heal
Well that's how broken I would be
What my life would seem to be
If I didn't have your love to make it real

God bless Leonard Cohen.

Click Here to listen to If I Didn't Have Your Love.