My Happiness - John Prine

from the album For Better, Or Worse (2016)

Way back in 1993, Fiona Whelan was working on a recording in a studio in Dublin, Ireland when she met the great singer-songwriter John Prine.  Soon after, they were married and moved to Nashville, USA.  The marriage is still going strong.

Yesterday, a few days short of his 70th birthday, John Prine released yet another album of the finest American treasures you can find on either side of the Mississippi.  Track 14 is a song called My Happiness, a duet recorded with his wife, Fiona.

It is as sweet and American a song as you will find.

Evening shadows make me blue
When each weary day is through
How I long to be with you
My Happiness

Every day I reminisce
Dreaming of your tender kiss
Always thinking how I miss
My Happiness

How wonderful it must be to make beautiful music with the one you love.

Click Here to listen to My Happiness.