Shine On Rainy Day - Brett Cobb

from the album Shine On Rainy Day (2016)

Once upon a time, my father and I took a drive down the backroads of Georgia, visiting historic towns like Plains and Andersonville.  At the time, I thought trips like this would continue forever.  Little did I know this was the last one.

One of the places we rolled through was Ellaville, a one street light town of less than 2,000 people.  I think of how happy my dad was to be riding with his son, and how somehow this old man from Brooklyn knew more about these tiny southern towns than you could ever learn in a book.  He was amazing.

Well, Brett Cobb comes from Ellaville.  He writes beautiful country songs that strike a very tender, very real place in my heart.  It is hard to listen to them without thinking about my dad.  I wish he was still here.

Ain't it funny how a little thunder
Make a man start to wonder
Should he swim or just go under

Ain't it funny how you learn to pray
When your blue skies all turn grey
When there's nothing left to say
Shine on rainy day

The magic of Brett Cobb's music is in its feel.  Everything is subtle.  Every instrument hanging back, helping guide the vocals without stealing their light.  Everything thoughtful.  The drummer's ride cymbal actually sounds like rain.

My dad had a similar approach towards raising a son.

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